27 April 2009

The value of an embedded Business Intelligence toolset

Why OEM Embed?

It's the old build versus buy debate.

My new Toyota came equipped with Bridgestone tyres and a battery from some manufacturer I did not know of. Without these components, my car would not be complete. However, Toyota did not have to open and fund a tyre manufacturing plant or a battery factory, they sourced these from specialist vendors, thus they got a final product to me that really was "best of breed".

In the same way, your software application can source the reporting & BI components from a specialist vendor who understands this space very well.

The typical dilemma faced by many software organizations is as follows:
We have just spent 15 - 40 person-years (or more) getting our application ready for the market, where data flows in and around the system exactly as designed (or redesigned), but now we need an analytic module and reporting module to round off the offering so that our customers can analyze their information in flexible, visually pleasing and easy ways.

Do we build it or source it in via OEM embedding it?

Questions that should be asked around this topic are usually:
  • How long will it take before we have a go-to-market ready offering?
  • How flexible is the organization we will be dealing with?
  • If we OEM embed a solution, can we re-badge the solution as our own? If so, what are the limitations?
  • What are the once-off integration costs and what are the ongoing costs?
  • How often do we receive upgrades?
  • What happens if we have specific enhancement requests?
  • How do we protect our investment?
  • How compatible is the solution with our core offering?
  • How will it be supported? What is the ramification of bugs in need of fixing and what priority will our customers receive for 2nd level support requests?
  • What is the skill ramp-up required to provide 1st level support to our customers?
  • What skills will be needed that we don't currently have?

At SeeMoreData, we are aware of these questions and have a solution that addresses these with the proof that our solution runs as an embedded OEM component at some of the world's largest companies. This in turn improves the overall value that we deliver to our OEM partners, as we have harnessed the knowledge, flexibility and other lessons learned over 18 person-years, into a few weeks of integration effort. This has produced some phenomenal outcomes for our OEM customer at a small fraction of the cost of developing an inhouse solution.

If you would like to know more, please visit us at seemoredata.com to get more information.

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